Every year corrupt organizations cheat the federal government out of billions of taxpayers' dollars.

The United States General Accounting Office estimates that medical fraud and abuse alone approaches $100 billion dollars.

Health care providers and pharmaceutical companies who defraud Medicare and Medicaid are just part of the story. Fraudulent practices involve contractors and vendors for many other government agencies, including Defense, NASA, Health and Human Services, Environment, Energy and Education.

But thanks to people like you - people who have proof of fraud and who want to come forward and make things right - lawsuits have been successfully tried against thousands of companies, resulting in substantial fines for the companies and substantial rewards for the whistleblowers, those who came forward to report the fraud.

If you know of a person or company defrauding the government, don't be afraid to report it.

A law called the False Claims Act, and the Qui Tam provision under that Act, make it possible for those who suspect fraud to report it and, upon successful prosecution, to receive a substantial financial reward. In addition, the Whistleblower provision of the False Claims Act offers protection to those who report fraud.

You Have Privacy Protection
When reporting fraud, you do not need to disclose your identity unless you wish to. Also, you should be careful to only discuss your information with an attorney who can help you in evaluating the merit of your potential claim.

You Have Job Protection
The False Claims Act's Whistleblower Protection provision protects you from harassment, demotion and wrongful termination for reporting fraud. Knowing that you have this protection means you don't have to feel apprehensive about filing a potential claim.

You Can Receive Financial Reward
So far, over $1 billion has been paid to concerned citizens who helped uncover fraud against the government. As long as you are the first individual to file a claim, you have the right to share in any recovery.

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